This blog will focus on which housing projects are the most popular among overseas Pakistani. Remittances are growing in Morocco, India, the Mediterranean region, and Pakistan, according to reports from various sources. To support their families and the country as a whole, Pakistanis who live abroad send money home. Moreover, the remittances impact indirectly on the development of a country. Foreign-based Pakistani families will either use it immediately away or preserve it for a later date. The last possible use for the funds is to invest them.

The State Bank of Pakistan estimates that between 2019 and 2020, remittances to Pakistan will total $21.84 billion. This money is spent on family consumption the amount of about 62%, financial investments in the amount of 16% (bonds, shares, etc.), and real estate and housing in the amount of 22%. Furthermore, it is time for Pakistani individuals living abroad to focus their real estate investment in Pakistan now that their property taxes have been reduced.

Explain which housing projects are the most popular among overseas Pakistanis.

Several housing projects in Pakistan are popular among overseas Pakistanis. Here are a few illustrations:

Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF)

The government is making an effort to enable and motivate Pakistanis living abroad to transfer and invest more money there. OPF offers a variety of services to international residents. Additionally, the housing societies for Pakistanis living abroad are, nonetheless, the most well-known. These housing associations form a vast network across the nation. The government is building several housing communities in Dadu, Lahore, Larkana, Mirpur, Peshawar, and Gujrat. Moreover, several persons get the allocation of the plot.

The foundation offers a service named "Naya Pakistan Calling" that will serve as the portal for Pakistanis living abroad.

Blue World City Overseas Block

To attract Pakistanis from other countries to travel to and invest in the area, the Blue World City overseas block was constructed. The block is lavish because it is located alongside the main boulevard. In addition, the residents of this block can easily access practically all services. The substantial tracts of land contain parks and other greenery. Blue World City's Overseas Block has been approved by RDA. Hence, individuals can trust this housing society and use their money wisely by investing in it.

You can also invest in Countryside farms Islamabad a great housing society.

Overseas Block of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is close to the Islamabad International Airport. The Gate Precinct secures the first smart community in Pakistan. In addition, Capital Smart City aspires to serve the local population and serve as the sole housing society for Pakistanis living abroad. Capital Smart City starts the most expensive foreign block in its region.

The plots in the overseas block of the smart city lie at a height from which the residents can enjoy views of the lovely natural surroundings. Moreover, the Chahan Dam, the lakes, and the Khairi Murat hills offer breathtaking views. Because of its potential to yield significant earnings and the fact that the RDA has declared it legitimate, overseas Pakistanis are encouraged to invest here. It is, to put it simply, a Pakistani investment opportunity overseas.

Bahria Town Karachi Overseas Block

We are all well conscious of the fast-paced lifestyle and ongoing bustle there. It can occasionally get tiresome to deal with the noise and transportation congestion. After the success of several ventures, the Bahria Town developers thus introduced Bahria Town Karachi.

Here, a space designate for the overseas section to help Pakistanis living abroad. Moreover, Bahria Town Karachi's overseas block is a prime spot because of its tranquil environment. The owners guarantee that the neighborhood will be secure and that a better electricity delivery system will prevent load shedding. Further, the key features of this housing project are water rides, theme parks, as well as play lands.

Overseas Pakistani District in Lahore

To provide housing for Pakistanis residing abroad, Lahore Smart City has also started construction on an overseas block. There are plot portions in the block that are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla. The executive block and the overseas block are only PKR 10,000 apart in price. Moreover, demonstrates that the developers do not intend to take advantage of potential customers based purely on the description "overseas block." On the other side, the additional PKR 10,000 fee is for the facilities, services, and amenities for Pakistani living overseas. After Islamabad, the Lahore Smart City is Pakistan's second Smart city. LDA has authorized its NOC.


The government has lately focused on real estate development to draw in Pakistanis going overseas so they can safely purchase land in their homeland. Moreover, the accommodation programs for Pakistanis living abroad will encourage more foreign investment because they will provide a secure environment for doing business in Pakistan.